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NSU Shepard Broad Law Center’s Mentoring Program offers law students the opportunity to establish a mentoring relationship with a professional in the field.  NSU’s Office of Career & Professional Development pairs mentors and students, matching attorney practice areas with student practice area preferences.  Mentors help  students identify and fulfill professional goals while fostering the highest levels of ethics and professionalism.

Through these interactions, attorney participants can serve the profession and the community. Students gain new perspectives and insights into issues related to civility, ethics and professionalism.

Our mentors are legal professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to help law students develop into future members of the legal community.  While mentors may live in south Florida, legal professionals from all geographic regions are encouraged to participate in NSU Law’s mentoring program. To maintain the relationship, long-distance contact with students may be accomplished by email, telephone or video conference.

Eligible mentors must be in good standing with their state bar associations and any other relevant professional boards.

Students may register to be paired with a mentor by completing the mentee registration form at the “Obtain A Mentor” link on the student intranet.

For any questions, please contact the Office of Career and Professional Development at (954) 262-6124 or email us at

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