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25 Things Every Young Professional Should Know by Age 25

Reposted from newstoliveby.net (click for original article) 25. It’s spelled ‘definitely,’ not ‘definately.’ 24. Read an apartment lease before you sign. ALL of it. 23. An Excel PivotTable will change your life. 22. A cover letter should add color and personality. It shouldn’t summarize your resume. 21. Everyone likes to receive praise, but the smartest […]

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Good Grammar Should Be Everyone’s Business

Reposted from Harvard Business Review (click for original article) Today [March 4] is National Grammar Day, a reminder that good grammar is instrumental in conveying ideas with clarity, professionalism, and precision. Even so, the informality of e-mail, texting, and tweeting has crept deep into company communications. It is not uncommon to hear a coworker make […]

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I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here’s Why.

Reposted from HBR Blog Network If you think an apostrophe was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, you will never work for me. If you think a semicolon is a regular colon with an identity crisis, I will not hire you. If you scatter commas into a sentence with all the discrimination of a […]

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